Capoeira is a 500 year old martial art form developed by slaves to free themselves from their oppressors. Organized by Ginga Saroba Capoeira (, this first set of workshops will be conducted by international teacher Prof. Samuka da India of the group Ginga Nagô / Ginga Saroba. During these two days you will get the opportunity to discover this Afro-Brazilian martial art form combining fighting techniques, dance, acrobatics, music, tradition, philosophy and more.

Prof. Samuka da India comes from the lineage of Mestre Branco (founder of the Ginga Nagô group) and has been teaching at Auroville and Pondicherry for the last nine years. His style uses the tradition of Capoeira as root and its contemporary aspects as enhancers. He emphasizes on the individual development of each student, helping them discover their own flow and style while working on efficiency, strength and adaptability.

-> 1st Workshop (April 2nd – 2 to 5PM): A condensed introduction to Capoeira open to all levels of fitness. You will be introduced to some of the basic movements and flow – 1200 INR

-> 2nd Workshop (April 3rd – 10AM to 5PM): An extensive introduction to Capoeira’s movements, techniques, flow, fitness, music, rituals,… This session will be concluded by your first Capoeira exchange in which you will get a real taste of the art. Participants need to have a regular fitness activity to attend this workshop – 2400 INR

-> Both workshops (April 2nd & April 3rd): Get the best of this weekend by immersing yourself into Capoeira for one and a half days and learn the techniques taught in both the individual workshop – 2800 INR

Each workshop is limited to 20 participants.
Registration will be confirmed on receipt of full payment!

Event Timing: April 2nd (2 to 5PM) & April 3rd (10AM to 5PM) 2016
Event Location: Legends Gym – 

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