Capoeira is a Brazilian art form which combines fight, dance, rhythm and movement. Capoeira is a dialog between players – a conversation through movement which can take on many shades of meaning. The details of capoeira’s origins and early history are still a matter of debate among historians, but it is clear that african slaves played a crucial role in the development of the art form. Some historians claim that slaves used capoeira’s dance-like appearance as a way to hide their training of combat and self defense. Capoeira’s many styles come out of the context of two principle branches that were formalized in the first half of the twentieth century following capoeira’s legalization. This is only the beginning of the story…

Discover what is behind the movement and the evolution of Capoeira with the group Ginga Saroba (Prof. Samuka da India & students)

-> Friday 15th of July: 4 to 6 PM – Deepanam’s Amphitheater
-> Saturday 16th of July: 9 to 11AM – Deepanam’s Amphitheater

### DETAILS ###
– Free of cost for all
– Both days can be attended separately
– Open to all (14 years old and above)
– Workshop oriented towards beginners / non practitioners, doesn’t require any particular physical skill
– Limited places, priority given to aurovilian / newcomers on booking

### CONTACT ###
-> 9488328435