In 2007, Samuka da India started his work with Capoeira, teaching in Auroville and creating the base of what will officially become Ginga Saroba.
10 years later, the group has grown and has taken a new dimension, developing in and around Auroville but also in Pondicherry, Chennai and further…
To celebrate this, Prof. Samuka da India and students invite you to their traditional yearly event.

## OPENING WORKSHOP (23th to 26th of January 6 to 7.30PM)
Open to all level. A daily dose of capoeira to build or strengthen your Capoeira knowledge in preparation for the festival.
– Fee: 300INR/day or 800INR/week

## FESTIVAL (27th to 29th of January)
Enjoy workshops with our team & guests: Capoeira, Maculélé, Acrobatics, Music, Roda,…
With the presence of Mestre Branco, Professor Pezao & others.
– Fee: 1000INR/day or 2500INR/festival


Food & accommodation are not included in the fees.