Capoeira Online

It is the duty of every capoeirista to impart the values of Capoeira and the memory that accompanies it. Without the adaptive mind of the slaves, our art would not exist. Born from their circumstances, Capoeira helped the slaves escape and survive. They developed and passed it down from generation after generation through observation and sharing.

An initiative of the Ginga Saroba Group (Ginga Nagô), Capoeira Online is a platform that aims to share the knowledge of all. Collaborative and non-profit, the website offers free and open access to moves, sequences & music tutorials from teachers of various origins and groups. Besides the video tutorials, it also includes texts on the history and philosophy of Capoeira, biography of famous Mestres, song lyrics and a glossary of terms.

Join us, visit Capoeira Online, access the knowledge and don’t forget to share!